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Quick guide - fly Cathay Pacific

FLYHACKS ? CHEAP FLIGHTS ? promotions by Cathay Pacific and more

Are you looking for a way to find very cheap Cathay Pacific airline tickets? You came to the appropriate place. At FLYHACKS you can use the Flight Calendar to list the prices of Cathay Pacific airline tickets to many cities worldwide, and the FLYHACKS newsletter can notify you about every reduction of prices at Cathay Pacific. We provide professional help in trip organisation, and as concerns flying ? we know everything about them. Easy to understand booking system results in a swift trip organisation process, irrespective of whether you pay with a credit card, bank deposit or Internet transfers.

FLYHACKS ? CHEAP FLIGHTS ? Cathay Pacific airline tickets

  • There are, in one place, offers of over 500 companies providing flights to all countries. Those carriers include both low-cost airlines and luxury carriers. You can choose the level and the cost of the trip to your own expectations.
  • We provide the Best Pice Guarantee ? if you will see the same connection at a lower price after making the booking, then we will return the excess.
  • Within a single travel we combine the flights by regular and low-cost airlines from different reservation system, if this means you save a significant amount of money for the ticket. They are called Smart Connection flights and are unique internationally.
  • We offer combined flights. Due to the transfer you can moreover arrive to those locations, which do not have direct Cathay Pacific flights.
  • You will plan the whole trip: making reservations for a hotel room , hiring a car, choosing tourist insurance, and even purchasing museum pass, if offers one. If you don't have the time to plan a trip independenty, we have something even better for you: City Break and Sun Break ? packages of trips to the most interesting European cities or to more of relaxation type spots. You pay only for what you get: the flight + hotel + insurance. Additionally we guarantee excellent service provided by specialists, who will take care not only about the matters related to the flight and accommodation, but also will advise what should be seen in the selected location and how to organise transit from the airport.

FLYHACKS ? CHEAP Cathay Pacific FLIGHTS ? a few tested pieces of advice

To travel really cheaply, you need adapt to the external factors ? don't insist on a specific, chosen time of the Cathay Pacific flight, since a few days earlier or later the prices often prove reduced. The selection of destination presents the same issue. Instead of beginning an Italian adventure with the country capital, one may find cheap airline tickets to Venice, and only afterwards depart to conquer the South of Italy. The most successful excursions are the ones which lead you themselves ? discover places not included in the guides, catch experiences and emotions, to finally be able to say that it was a journey not only in space, but that the trip has brought you something other, had a good impact on you. An additional positive aspect of such approach is, naturally, the quite significant savings, and thus less reasons to grumble during your vacation.

Preparation for the trip is a very important moment. Pay attention, that practically most airlines at the moment have introduced a rule, which caused that the cheapest classes are without the free checked luggage ? in particular on European routes. See the dimensions of the Cathay Pacific carry-on luggage and notice that it's quite sufficient. Experience indicates, that people leave for 4?5 days ? with such a trip duration the carry-on luggage is absolutely sufficient. You don't need with you a full packaging of shampoo, since in a majority of accommodations a set of toiletries for the guests is complimentary. The towels are provided in the same manner. Concerning outerwear, it makes sense to dress in the largest. Thus, you will not pay additionally for additional luggage ? you can save up to 400 z? (this is the cost of registered luggage during holiday season for a round trip). Additionally you don't lose time for checking in and claiming luggage and you only carry a single suitcase or backpack ? it's more comfortable and much safer.

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