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Quick guide - fly Emirates

Emirates airlines


Together with Arabian Adventures, Congress Solutions International, Emirates Holidays, and Emirates Tours - the Emirates airlines are subsidiaries of The Emirates Group. Emirates airlines are the biggest airlines in the Middle East with 164 destinations to 78 countries across the globe that were founded in 1985. To bring more comfort to the passengers the Emirates have codeshare agreements with Air Malta, Air Mauritius, Alaska Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Copa Airlines, Flybe, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, Jet Airways, Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Qantas, South African Airways, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways International and Virgin America. It means that a flight from point A to be point B might be carried out by two or more listed above airlines. The purpose of having codeshare agreement is to bring more comfort to the passengers of both sides of the agreement. Even if the destination you are heading to is not listed on the Emirates list of destination, there is still a chance that you will travel with Emirates, at least at some part of the trip.

Emirates airlines busiest routes; the most Emirates tickets are sold on following routes:

  • Emirates tickets to London (England) – the capital of England, most visited city in the world with numerous of tourists attractions including London Eye, the London Tower Bridge, Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace.
  • Emirates tickets to Bangkok (Thailand) – the capital city of Thailand, known mainly for a nightlife, most visited city in that part of the world.
  • Emirates tickets to Mumbai (India) – a city in India also known as Bombay with many different tourist attractions such as the Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, often visited by families with children because of the EsselWorld – one of the largest amusement parks in India.
  • Emirates tickets to Karachi (Pakistan)- city in Pakistan with numerous of attraction that are not too well known by the world, but are definitely worth to see like Mohatta Palace, Frere Hall.
  • Emirates tickets to Kuwait – a country in the Middle East, often referred to as the Little Dubai.
  • Emirates tickets to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) a port city, with beautiful beaches and breathtaking views.
  • Emirates tickets to Paris (France) – the capital of France, city known for Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees as for being the most romantic city in the world
  • Emirates tickets to Delhi (India) – officially known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the architecture of the place is known across the globe
  • Emirates tickets to Manchester (England) – city often recognized with football, however having much more to offer, including one of the most beautiful Town Halls in Europe or the John Rylands Library.
  • Emirates tickets to Manila (Philippines) – the capital city of the Philippines, city visited by almost million tourists every year, beautiful beaches and incredible views.

Despite the fact that the busiest Emirates airlines destinations are mainly focused on the part of the world known as the Middle East, Emirates airlines has a lot more to offer. They operate routes to almost twenty African countries including the most visited countries in that part of the world like Algeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt or Tunisia but also many routes to the Asian and Pacific countries including Afghanistan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia , Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

Those planning on visiting the European capitals will also find something for themselves in the Emirates offer. Emirates are operating flights on almost 30 European destinations and they include the capital of Vienna – Austria, capital of Belgium and unofficial capital of the European Union – Brussels, capital of Czech Republic – Prague, capital of the Denmark – Copenhagen, capital of France – Paris, capital of Greece – Athens, capital of Budapest – Hungary, capital of Ireland – Dublin, capital of Italy – Rome, capital of Netherlands – Amsterdam, capital of Poland – Warsaw or the capital of Spain – Madrid.

Emirates are also offering many flights to South and North American countries, to world-known cities that are visited by millions of people every year like the capital of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro known for the Rio Carnival, popular United States cities like, Los Angeles – the most visited city in the state of California, New York City – known as the capital of the world or the city that never sleeps, Orlando – most popular family destination in the United States thanks to several amusement park located within the city or Washington D.C – the capital of United States.

As we all see, the list of destination is pretty extensive. As a result, the Emirates airlines are operating over 3,300 flights every week, which also means that their fleet also has to be extensive. And so it is. Emirates airlines as of the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have a fleet of total of 236 airplanes and they are the following:

  • 13 Airbus A330-200 airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 137 and 278 that are going to be withdrawn from the fleet this year
  • 4 Airbus A340-300 airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 267, that are going to retire this year
  • 1 Airbus A340-500 airplane with the total number of passengers equal to 258
  • 75 Airbus A380-800 airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 489,517 and 615, with 65 airplanes to be delivered in the following years
  • 6 Boeing 777-200ER airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 290
  • 10 Boeing 777-200LR airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 266
  • 12 Boeing 777-300 airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 364
  • 115 Boeing 777-300ER airplanes with the total number of passengers equal to 354, 360 and 427 and 37 more in order.

The list is already impressive, however, there are 252 airplanes in order for the following years, which means that if the airplanes that are currently used will still be used in a couple of years the Emirates have a chance to be an airline with one of the biggest fleet in the world. The average age of the Emirates airlines fleet as on the beginning of 2016 is estimated for approx. 6 years, however, the number will change with every airplane that will be purchased or retired, so for the actual information, you might visit the official Emirates website.

Emirates airlines ticket types

As all other airlines, Emirates ticket types are divided into three categories. They are the Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.

Emirates airlines travelling with kids

If you are going to travel with your kids, there won’t be a better choice than the Emirates airlines. First of all, if you are travelling with children you will be the first to check-in (Emirates airlines are have special family check-in desks, so you don’t have to wait in line) and you will be the first to board. During the flight, your kids are going to be provided with a kids’ pack full of things that will entertain them during travel. They are also going to get the special kids’ meal. Besides the regular meal that will be served during the flight kids will additionally get the snack box. For the babies, that are still using the bottle there is a possibility of warming the milk, all you have to do is ask for assistance and specify your need to the stewardess.

Emirates airlines –overview

Despite the fact that Emirates are not the low-cost airlines, over 40 million people are choosing Emirates every year. They are known for the comfort of travelling and for destinations that are not that available when it comes to different airlines. No matter what is the purpose of your trip, we guarantee that Emirates will meet all your requirement. The inflight meals are delicious, seats are comfortable and the airplane staff is helpful. So… Fly Emirates!

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