Flights from Aalborg to Aberdeen

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Quick guide - fly from Aalborg to Aberdeen

When to fly from Aalborg to Aberdeen?

It of course depends on what you wanna do/see and if you dislike crowds or not. If you do, read when Aberdeen has the tourist peak and then just avoid this time in year. But remember to read through the climate conditions there, maybe the tourist peak happens because the other months are cold or it’s the wet season? Try to fit your favourite activities to the predicted weather or tourist attractions opened.

Planning trip from Aalborg to Aberdeen - crowds and weather

Crowds of tourists can really mess with the pleasure of sightseeing, we all know that. That’s what we are here for! If you are going to Aberdeen, try to purchase tickets for the beginning and the ending of the tourist season. Not only you’ll have more space for yourself and not lose time in never-ending lines but the prices are also better. Flight ticket prices, of course, but also hotels, entrance fees etc. If you are free to choose the time of your travel, thick creatively and more flexibely!

How to cut costs for trip from Aalborg to Aberdeen even more?

As we always say – buy flight tickets as soon as possible. They are not getting cheaper with time, you know. But it’s not the only trick. Try to get your vacation leave to begin on, for example, Tuesday. Plane tickets are cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Weekends and Mondays (usual returning day) are of course more expensive and more “in” for most people… and airlines know about it. Be smarter! The same applies to hotels as well. It’s one of the best ways to cut costs.

Comfortable and fun trip to Aberdeen

When you finally get cheaper tickets and hotel, think about your trip, the pleasant part. Don’t leave things waiting for the last moment, so that you won’t stress about too much stuff in the same time. Usually forgetting about something (like online check-in or boarding passes!). Instead of scrolling through FB wall or procrastinating, read about city transport and be prepared! You can also plan visiting some places and attractions, so that you had a more-or-less accurate plan and way through the city. But don’t overdo it, a trip should be fun, so you need to have some free space to improvise and make changes.