Flights from Aalborg to Birmingham

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Quick guide - fly from Aalborg to Birmingham

Travelling from Aalborg to Birmingham with a child

Well, travelling with children means that you would carry extra luggage. It’s worth to compare prices of additional luggage in low-cost airlines and the ticket cost by traditional carrier. It always depends on the route and the carrier, which option is more cost-effective. Baby strollers usually can be taken on board free of charge, if they are foldable. You can also take baby carrier with you and as many teddy bears as your kid needs.

Luggage is missing… what to do?

Let’s be honest, sometimes one bag can go missing or gets damaged, we are all humans. The sooner you take action, the better. If you fly with regular airlines, the IATA regulations apply. So you have to file a written complaint immediately, no later than 7 days from the event. In case of any luggage delay, you have 21 days, from the day it was finally delivered, to file a complaint. The responsibility for the loss, damage or delays is usually limited, unless you insured your luggage or declared a higher value luggage. And remember that Facebook and opinions are also a really powerful tool… Just saying.

Which should I book first when I want to fly on the route Aalborg - Birmingham – flight or hotel?

Of course that flight ticket! And not only that we take of the flights, but there are more hotel apartments in Birmingham than seats in flights going there. Pure math. And it is more common for people to withdraw a hotel booking than a flight booking too. All in all, you can always find a place for you (or couch surf?). But what would happen if you booked your hotel and then realised that there are no seats in this period for any flight going to Birmingham? First things first! Besides, you can always get more flexible with flights, if you are looking for cheaper tickets (like flying on Wednesday, not on Friday). When you know when you would need accommodation, then you can start looking for it!

Choosing a hotel – general rules

Of course, there are standards: location, prices, rooms, views… But remember that the hotel stars are not always what you think they are. Many hotels use local rules to apply stars, so a 2-star hotel might be totally bonkers and the best bang for the buck and 4-star hotel might turn out to be a hole in the ground. Read through online opinions, they are one of the best sources of knowledge when it comes to that. We also recommend calling a hotel to inquire, if they assist their guests in getting to the airport. Some hotels do that free of charge!