Flights from Aalborg to Norwich

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Quick guide - fly from Aalborg to Norwich

Plane savoir-vivre while flying from Aalborg to Norwich

This is a topic for at least social PhD dissertation. First of all, common courtesy is of the highest value! Help elders, if you are stronger or taller, help people fit the bags in the overhead compartment. Do not start elbow fight over an arm rest (golden rule: window seat gets the view and side arm rest, aisle seat gets the extra leg space and the middle gets both arm rests!), you’re above that (and most of things, you’re in a plane). Starting a booze-up party or a feast on aromatic dishes is absolutely passé. And never, NEVER take your shoes off!
And the most annoying topic: crying children. Remember that these are little people: scared, bored, sometimes changing air pressure really hurts little babies and that’s why they cry during take-off and landing. Their parents are nervous and anxious as well – about their children and about the people around you. Patience is very important here, maybe you can draw the child’s attention with a clever, improvised toy? Parents would be grateful and you’d have some desired peace.

What you don’t need in flights from Aalborg to Norwich

Many things would be provided by the hotel (or your friends, if couch surf). You don’t need a hairdryer, towels, soap, shampoo… These things take a lot of space in the bag, a space you could use for your clothes and really important stuff. When it comes to clothes, think creative! Choose what is comfortable and looks good, you don’t need always an evening gown or a suit, right? If you’re not a pro photographer (be sure to insure your pro gear!), you probably have a good camera in your smartphone. And as much as we all love paper books, e-readers take much less place than a huge pile of books.

My preciousss – the forgotten, useful items

There is a list of useful things that are often forgotten in the packing spree. First and most important item you HAVE TO check twice are your… boarding passes. You’d pay additional fee at the airport without them. It’s worth checking if you have your insurance in your pocket too.
That’s all for the necessary stuff. But others seem to be almost life-saving. Like, hm… USB adapters? A week or so before your departure, start making a list of the things you use every day so that you don’t forget things that are important in your life.

Smaller luggage – why it’s worth to be lighter in trips from Aalborg to Norwich

First of all, you’d save some time. No need to wait in the check-in line to register your luggage, if you travel only with hand luggage! And it’s convenient too. It’s easier to move and walk, especially in hot countries, when the heat sucks out every ounce of strength you have (or in the snowy ones too, it’s hard to fight your way through snowdrifts with a huge bag). And more importantly, your back would thank you for this as well.