Flights from Aberdeen to Almeria

11 aug 18 aug Departure

Quick guide - fly from Aberdeen to Almeria

What’s the difference between checked and hand luggage?

Most of all, the checked luggage goes into luggage compartment in the back of the plane and you don’t have access to it during your flight. You can take the hand luggage with you on board. Depending on what airline you’re flying with, checked luggage might have to be paid additionally – the hand luggage is always free (of course if you do not exceed the limits set in the policy).

Health on your trip from Aberdeen to Almeria

We are usually tempted to take many medicines with us, cause we trust them and feel much safer with them. Very reasonable thinking – you should take your painkillers, allergy medications and other medical equipment with you. When it comes to prescription medications for serious diseases, like asthma, diabetes, hypertension etc., you would probably be allowed to take them in your hand luggage. But it’s worth to leave gastric remedies or insect repellents, the local ones are suited better for the local environment and are much more effective.

Travel hygiene durgin flight from Aberdeen to Almeria

There are several tips to follow, if you want to spend your trip without any sudden health – usually gastric – problems. Apart from washing your hands often (or having a hand disinfectant lotion or gel) it is very important to drink only bottled water. The locals are more immune to food poisoning (just like you are at your home)… you on the other hand are a guest in the area and some bacteria would love to have a dance with you. For example in Egypt most European tourists suffer from “the curse of the pharaoh”, that is a slight food poisoning, caused even by washing teeth in tap water. Sticking to bottled water and eating in tidy, neat restaurants usually is the best solution. Sure, try local street food stands but only if you have an iron stomach.

A month to go – should I begin packing, checking before Aberdeen - Almeria flight?

Maybe packing a month before your departure would be an exaggeration, but it’s time to act in other fields. You should check if your travel documents, like ID or passport are still valid (and should be valid at least three months longer than your stay), you’d have time to exchange them for newer versions. Read through the check-in rules and requirements. Check if there any obligatory vaccines to take in the destination country. It’s always useful to check the public transport and opinions on it, as well as if there are any national holidays during your stay there.