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Since the dawn of time, mankind always wondered “What’s there behind the horizon?”. And well, it hasn’t changed even a little bit. At least now we can go further than any generation before. Because of airline industry, the world is an open book for anyone that would be brave enough to read the first page. Now we know where we can go and why, we don’t have to take a risk that behind the horizon there is only another dull village. We want to see new places, taste new cuisines, get to know new cultures and… charge out batteries. So why don’t we? Well, sometimes it’s the money that stops us.

How to buy cheap tickets from Aberdeen to Las Palmas?

Are there any tricks that could make the trip more… affordable? Sure there are! First that comes to mind is “Buy flight tickets earlier”. As early as you can, they are not getting cheaper the closer the departure date is. The same goes with hotels – book your room early. Sometimes you can find also a good deal, combining both. By the way, look for local restaurants. If you see locals dining there, it’s a good sign! These places are much cheaper and usually serve the best chow you can find. Just get out of the hot touristic area or ask locals for advice. Then find a sweet spot to dine and check in!

Cheap and regular airlines on the route Aberdeen - Las Palmas

And as we are on the checking in, remember that low cost carriers tend to prefer online check-ins but it’s free. If you are flying with a regular airline, the check-in takes place at the airport and you should be there much earlier. Usually all necessary data is on the ticket. And if you are still not sure, call the airline or the company you bought ticket in, the travel assistants are able to help you with their knowledge. It’s worth to check before the trip, if there are any city passes available in there. All in all, many touristic cities have a really well developed public transport, which usually is much cheaper than renting a car.On the other hand, sometimes it is really worth to think about renting one. There are many reasons that come far before the money. Some monuments and “must-see” places are far away from the city or far from each other and it would be a real pain and loss of time to try to see them all by train or a bus. The same situation is when you have tons of luggage to take with you, for example because you travel with your huge family. At some destinations, especially not well-known, public transport is not well developed and thus – not trustworthy when it comes to time. And that’s the least thing you want to waste if you’re not going to lay on the beach the whole vacation!