Flights from Alghero to Catania

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Quick guide - fly from Alghero to Catania

What is important in a fight insurance?

The most important part in such insurance are: luggage and cancellation insurance. First of all, your luggage should be taken care of and insured for any case of: delay, damage or loss. Usually the airlines have limited liability when it comes to such compensations… unless you insure your luggage and then the insurance company would do the rest. It’s especially important if you travel with high value equipment. When it comes to cancellations, the airlines have some responsibilities but some low-cost airlines try to weasel out. If you insure your flight, you can sleep in peace, even if it was cancelled, you would receive a full refund and maybe even some more. You know, for the inconvenience and ruining your plans.

How not to be an alien abroad when you fly from Alghero to Catania?

There are so many ways to be a weirdo in another country. Sometimes you might end up at police station! Especially if it’s totally different culture. Example? In Japan tipping the waiter is not as common as you might think… It might even offend some of them. Before the departure, spend some time reading or watching guides or blogs about customs and traditions in your destination country. Tips, gestures, celebrations, religion, customs… all might be important. If you don’t know what to do in a given situation, you have to options: ask directly (but politely) or try to blend in, doing what locals do.

Flights from Alghero to Catania – the quick guide what happens when

After a while, every flight seems the same. After you go through all the security and check-in at the airport you begin your flight at the appropriate gate. No need to rush or to elbow your way through – everyone has a seat reserved. Boarding the plane might happen in three ways – through airport corridor directly to the plane, via small couch that would drive you the airplane or directly from the gate, by foot to the nearby standing plane. Then you take your place, shove the hand luggage into the overhead compartment and wait a while. The captain-pilot would greet you and tell you all the necessary stuff, then would begin the take-off procedure. In the meantime, you would be asked to fasten your seatbelt and then listen to the safety lecture, given by the flight attendant. Then the plane would taxi to the appropriate runway… And take off! Landing is just reversed, except the safety lecture.

If the flight from Alghero to Catania is your first flight, here are some tips:

Read or watch guides how to behave at the airport, it’s quite a wide topic. The most important part is to find out which gate you should be walking to (on a big screen in the terminal). Be prepared for pressure changes during take-off and landing, chewing gum or eating a candy usually does the trick. Don’t be afraid of turbulences, they are absolutely normal. All in all, when you’re driving a car you don’t panic every time when a tire hits a pot-hole, right? And most importantly – listen to the crew. They have do so many flights that they were given a honorary membership to the bird species. Their experience is absolutely invaluable.