Flights from Alghero to Reggio Calabria

10 aug 17 aug Departure

Quick guide - fly from Alghero to Reggio Calabria

Checking-in for flight from Alghero to Reggio Calabria

There are many ways to check-in for your flight. Online, at the airport and in the airline booth. Sometimes you can choose the most convenient for you but some airlines accept or allow only one type and you simply have to abide. Check the airline website for the rules or call your flight ticket agent and ask about it. If you travel with a registered luggage, be sure to arrive early enough to have some time to stand in the line to check your luggage in. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it takes some time, depends on the airport.

Online check-in pros and cons

Without any doubts, online check-in is the most convenient type, especially if you fly only with your hand luggage. It allows you to do most of the check-in stuff at home. The online check-in window is opened by the airline in various periods, sometimes many days before the departure, sometimes only few days before. Check it and mark in your calendar! The sooner, the better, one thing less to care about. You simply fill in your data – name, surname, document number, expiry date etc. Then you get the boarding passes to your mailbox and voila! You’ve been checked-in, mate! You just have to print these boarding passes and take them with you to the airport. That part is important, cause if you forget them, you’d pay additional fee at the airport.

Flight to Reggio Calabria: direct or hub flight?

Every type has its positive and negative points. The direct flight is the fastest way to get from the Alghero (point A) to Reggio Calabria (point B). Usually it’s also the most expensive choice, but not always, it’s always worth to compare options. On the other hand you have a hub flight, that is getting from point A to point B via point C or sometimes even D! Yay! Sounds like more places to see and check on your “must see” list. Hub flights have an awesome trait – they are usually much cheaper than direct flights!

Hub flights – how to make the best out of them?

Of course, the stopover time should be long enough to roam the stopover city but some cities can be seen in only few hours and you don’t need to plan a city break to get there. Of course, a hub flight is cool if you have some spare time and are not in a hurry. If you have a heavy luggage, look for left-luggage office, it costs usually only few bucks but frees you from a huge bag to look after and lug along with you. Many people are afraid to buy a hub flight, because it means more activities at the airport, like security check. But if you’ve passed through it once, you’ll get through it at any other airport, so be cool! And the more you practice, the more common all these things become and finally you won’t even bother.