Flights from Ancona to Bari

10 aug 17 aug Departure

Quick guide - fly from Ancona to Bari

How does car renting work?

Well, it’s quite simple. Usually you would need a credit card to rent a car but some rentals shops do not need them, you would have to leave a deposit, though. You get a car with documents, mostly with filled tank and you have to return it in the same condition, also with the same amount of fuel. And apart from that, you are free to use it, ride and drive wherever you wanna go. But be careful when it comes to renting car near borders. Read the agreement or ask if you can visit another country in this car. Sometimes it’s allowed, sometimes absolutely forbidden.

My flight Ancona - Bari was delayed – what can I do?

First of all, don’t panic or get angry, sometimes the weather or other conditions interfere with the schedule. It’s a complicated issue and many rules apply. If the delay is shorter than 3 hours (sometimes even 2 hours), you have the right to compensation for the delay, food & drink fund and accommodation for the night, if the delay is so long that you would have to spent a night at the airport. It’s worth to keep all the bills as a proof and so that you could use it in your compensation complaint.

Cancelled flight Ancona - Bari – your options

Well, the airline is obliged to offer you an alternative, but Flyhacks also does that for you! We help you in such situations and are always on your side. Just like with a delay, you are entitled to a refunded overnight accommodation, as well as to transport to your hotel and back to the airport. Moreover, you are entitled to information (about the situation and about your rights!), so if the carrier avoids contact with you, you should document it in any way (like tons of unanswered emails). If the delay or waiting for the alternative connection exceeds 5 hours, you are entitled to termination of the agreement with the carrier, with full refund of the tickets cost.

Travel insurance – when it’s worth to buy it?

Generally, it’s always worth travelling insured but it’s not always the case of buying additional insurance. If you are an EU citizen and you travel within European Union, you are probably covered in most cases only with your ID. But… if you travel outside the EU, it’s worth to buy it. The same applies to travelling with a child. And let’s not forget about insuring your luggage, especially if you have a high value luggage, like professional equipment.