Flights from Bologna to Heraklion

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Quick guide - fly from Bologna to Heraklion

How early should I arrive at the airport before flight Bologna - Heraklion?

It’s usually printed on your ticket, it depends on the airport – it’s better to arrive at the huge ones earlier, cause you might have problems finding the right terminal, gate etc. Check your ticket for more info. Remember that tourist season brings longer waiting lines so it’s worth to plan an hour more to your schedule. And most important part: if you check-in your luggage earlier, it’s less likely to go missing.

The duty-free zone

This zone is always considered to be much cheaper and always a good bargain to find in the shops. The reality is not that bright though. First of all, the prices differ in every airport. Secondly, many items are the “usual” purchases and with time the prices went higher… and you could buy many of them cheaper online. If you know the standard prices of what you want to buy – sure, why not to compare. But a shopping spree might be costly, if you don’t know the usual price of the item. But in most cases tobacco is cheaper, as it’s heavily taxed in almost any country in the world. But be careful if you are buying something in the duty-free zone while flying on a hub flight. In some countries you’d need to re-check-in and go through another security check… and then you might encounter problems with, for example, liquid restrictions.

What to do if your flight from Bologna to Heraklion got delayed?

As a passenger, you have your rights, although with low-cost airlines they are limited and usually depend on the airline policy. If the delay is less than 2 hours, you would just have to deal with it, all in all, it’s more of an irritation of a sudden change than a real nuisance. If the delay is longer than 2 (or sometimes 3) hours, you are entitled to a compensation for your inconvenience. The best what you can do is to call the airline call centre (or our Air Support) to gather some info how to file a complaint at the particular airline. If the flight is delayed more than 5-6 hours, you are entitled to termination of the agreement with the airline (and buying a ticket is an agreement) with full refund of your ticket cost.

My flight from Bologna to Heraklion was cancelled – any options?

Sure! First of all, the airline is obliged to offer you an alternative flight or to give you a full refund. In fact, sometimes you’d struggle with many techniques allowing the airline to weasel out of it. Don’t be fooled, you have your rights! The least the airline can do is to send you your money back but well, your plans got ruined, so filing a complaint might usually give you at least some extra money as a compensation. If you are in a really troublesome situation, do not hesitate to call Flyhacks Air Support, because the agents are skilled in solving such disputes and always try to find the best, or at least the most viable, solution for you.