Flights from Copenhagen to Humberside

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Quick guide - fly from Copenhagen to Humberside

Flying from Copenhagen - the shopping spree!

Well, as much as it seems fun, don’t do it before you go through security check. In Europe all fluids you can take on board are maximum 100 ml (3 ounces) bottles, sealed in a transparent plastic container etc. Similar restrictions apply for USA. It’s a common mistake to buy, for example, perfumes only to end up very surprised at the security check… That’s what duty-free zone is for! After you pass security check, you can generally purchase anything there and take it on the board of the plane.

Car parks in Copenhagen and Humberside

Well, if you fly for two or more weeks, you usually get to the airport by the taxi. But when it comes to shorter trips, usually the penny-pinching side of soul comes to the surface. There is a solution for this! Avoid parking lots right at the airport, generally they are really expensive and it would be a bummer if your car parking cost more than your flight ticket, hm? Look for car parks in the vicinity of the airport – some even offer a ride to the airport! Don’t forget about, more and more popular “kiss & fly” zones. Ask a friend to give you a lift, you’d have from 5 to 15 minutes free of charge to unload your luggage and say goodbye.

How to get to the airport in Copenhagen or Humberside

Well, you have to remember that you have to get to the airport twice – your departure spot and then the return one! While in your destination city, compare prices of public transport and taxi rides (taxi apps come handy!). Sometimes the public transport needs almost a symbolic ticket price, sometimes it’s extremely costly and taxi would be a better choice. Always ask at your hotel, though – some hotels have no problems with helping you reach your airport, usually it’s the case for more than only one guest. The more the merrier!

You’re not a camel – don’t load up your luggage!

It’s always worth considering, if you need checked luggage or not. Of course, we are all tempted to take all the stuff we use in our homes. But hey, most hotels not only give you towels but also all the basic cosmetics you would need for your stay – no need to think about soap, shampoo etc. And already your luggage gets lighter. If you know that you would be on the move, it’s no use to haul a huge bag with you, hand luggage would be enough. It’s surprising how many things you can fit in a small bag. Of course, unless you are travelling in the middle of the winter or fly to the Arctic Circle. Think twice, if you need every item you want to pack. You’d bless us many times during your trip, if you leave some stuff home!