Flights from Genova to Pantelleria

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Quick guide - fly from Genova to Pantelleria

Clothes in travel – choosing the best option for flight Genova - Pantelleria

Let’s be honest, there is one, most important trait your clothes should have – they should be comfortable. You’re going to wear them for at least few hours (and while flying a long flight almost a whole day) with no chance to change. So comfort is the most important thing for your travel… you don’t need to look like a Prada model, a relaxed and happy person has much more charm than angry tourist dressed in designer clothes. The same applies to your luggage – choose comfortable clothes that you know from experience. Packing something new brings risk of many issues – like irritating abrasions, for example.

What’s important during stopover when you fly from Genova to Pantelleria?

Make sure, if you have to collect your luggage and check it in again. It requires time and your attention, so it’s worth to know about it before you plan your stopover activities. Be sure to check if your second take-off takes place… at the same airport. Some cities have many airports around them and it is not common for a really cheap hub flight to include an airport change. If that’s your case, don’t think that it might be easy to find fast and cheap transport from one airport to another. Read opinions and find online, what’s the best option.

Should I take my pets with me to Pantelleria?

Only if you are travelling for a really, really long time and you can’t find anyone to take care of them when you are away. For most pets, travelling is stressful. Sure, some dogs love cars but think about a huge airport with lots of scents, sounds and moving people. Not to mention the pressure changes during take-off and landing. Moreover, you would need to obtain their pet passport, run some medical tests etc. Besides, only small dogs and cats, usually up to 8 kg, can travel on board, the rest have to travel in the air-conditioned compartment in the luggage section. And remember that some countries, like Australia, have obligatory 4-week quarantine for any pet entering the country.

How to plan sightseeing?

Choose few things or places that are on your “must see” list and then plan your schedule and routes around them. You should also have a slit of “it would be cool” in case you have more time or the main attraction turned out to be not as interesting as you have thought. But don’t make a strict list and schedule that covers your day from dawn till dusk – it’s your trip, you should relax and charge up your batteries. There should be a space to improvise and being spontaneous!