Flights from Las Palmas to Monterrey

11 aug 18 aug Departure

Quick guide - fly from Las Palmas to Monterrey

Smart tourist info | Travel tips for flight from Las Palmas to Monterrey

If you want to plan your trip, not to throw yourself headlong into improvising theatre, you need some reliable data. Let’s be honest – tourist guides write about everything and it’s hard to really decide what is worth seeing and what not. Huge opinion portals usually do the “top 10” lists that you can predict with almost 100% precision. The best solution is to look for websites covering one region only, get in touch with local people via web or ask your friends who already been there, and you have similar sightseeing style and needs.

Flexible travel as the most effective one

If you want your trip to be cheap, pleasant and rich in memories, you have to be flexible in your choices. First of all, book your flight ticket and hotel room (using the +/- 2 days calendar to get the best price) and then choose what you must see and visit. Maybe there are some local holidays or attractions in this particular period? It’s always good to have a plan B, in case your main touristic wish cannot be fulfilled. Well, you are already there, so get the best of it!

Dining during travel from Las Palmas to Monterrey

Usually the restaurants near tourist attractions are more expensive… and if you want to taste the local cuisine, they are not the best choice. Leave the hot touristic area and look for pubs and restaurants filled with the locals. Not only It’s the best sign of quality and authenticity, but you can also meet local people and maybe establish friendships? You can also ask your host or hotel staff for advice, if you are polite, they would help you in choosing cheap and tasty chow!

How to choose the hotel when you fly from Las Palmas to Monterrey?

Apart from the usual characteristics, like price, amenities you require (air conditioning etc.) and the size of the hotel, you should check the means of transport in the vicinity of your chosen hotel to the attractions you want to see an visit. Maybe it would turn out that the best option for you is renting a car and then the hotel selection might widen! Be sure to check and read through opinions on big portals, appraising hotels – but not with a paid article, but by honest people who have been there and checked it with their very eyes.