Flights from Madrid to Saltillo

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Quick guide - fly from Madrid to Saltillo

Luggage policy of low-cost airlines on route Madrid - Saltillo

Huh, it’s almost a pop-culture topic. There are even songs about strict luggage policies! And you know, humour usually carries some truths… Yes, it’s true, low-cost airlines limit your free luggage, every carrier has its own policy (and they change quite often). All in all, it’s why your ticket is as cheap. Every low-cost airline has its dimension rules and usually they abide them quite strictly. Of course, 1 or 2 cm more is not a disaster, but if you want to exceed the limit for half a meter, you won’t fool anyone! And the checked luggage always means an additional cost. But it’s not as horrific as it sounds, with these regulations boarding is much quicker, you can go through online check-in etc. etc. Like everything, with cheap prices comes great responsibility. Or something like that.

Traditional carriers Madrid - Saltillo – luggage advantages

First of all, usually the registered luggage is included in the ticket price. So if you know that you would need lots of stuff, it’s worth comparing if the low-cost airline ticket plus the additional luggage cost does not exceed the traditional airline ticket price. It happens more often than you think! Besides, traditional airlines do not measure the hand luggage so often as the low-cost airlines do. Just the common sense rule applies. Another advantage of the traditional carrier is handling the special luggage, like musical instruments or skiing equipment. It’s much easier and cheaper.

Special luggage rules

Sometimes we have to fly with an unusual luggage – double bass, skiing equipment, or simply huge or unusually shaped objects. Depending on the size and “commonness” of luggage type, the price may differ. Traditional carriers usually are more used to packing such stuff and charge less than low-cost airlines. But you have to report the fact while making your booking. Important fact: wheelchairs and strollers are folded and taken on board free of charge but nevertheless, you have to report them before the flight, so that the crew can prepare for it.

Sport equipment in your luggage on the route Madrid - Saltillo

Skiing equipment, snowboards and other sport equipment usually is handed by any carrier without problems, though low-cost airlines charge for such equipment, usually from 30 to 60 euros per passenger, depending on the size. A smart hint: sometimes it’s worth to buy a second seat next to you, it might come cheaper! You can buy such option with your ticket or sometimes report in directly at the airport but at least 3 hours before the departure!