Flights from Madrid to San Luis Potosi

11 aug 18 aug Departure

Quick guide - fly from Madrid to San Luis Potosi

What to do during your flight Madrid - San Luis Potosi

Well, there is plenty of activities while flying, it’s not you who fly the plane! Of course if you are not addicted to being online all the time. There are plenty of offline apps and games, download one at the airport, it would keep you busy. One of the most popular activity during long flights it… sleeping. Blindfolds come handy then, to keep you away from the world and light. Books and e-readers – now you have some time to catch up with classics or novelties on the literature market.

Is there Internet on the plane?

Well, some newest planes do have wi-fi but only the really up-to-date types. Unfortunately in most planes you would have to turn on the “airport mode”, that’s what it’s made for! And remember what we said about offline apps. And all in all, few hours without the web would not make the world crush, ain’t it? It’s an old rule from times when cellphones really interfered with plane equipment, now it’s not the case… but for everyone’s safety the rule is still in power.

Precious stuff in your luggage when you fly from Madrid to San Luis Potosi

Electronic equipment, jewellery should definitely go into your hand luggage. If it’s not possible, you should declare high value luggage and insure it. If you want to be super sure, you should secure your bag, with padlock etc. Secure fragile object wrapping them and putting them between your clothes. And one important thing – don’t arrive late at the airport. The later you check-in your luggage, the more likely it is to be misplaced while loading.

Animals on board

Sure your animals can travel with you! Especially the small ones, around 8 kg, like dogs and cats (other animals, like ferrets, rats etc. – it depends on the airline policy), but they should be placed in a cage or a carrier suitable for their size. Usually the max. dimensions are around 55 x 40 x 20 cm. For bigger animals there is an air-conditioned section in luggage compartment. It is really safe – don’t believe in urban legends.