Flights from Madrid to Veracruz

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Quick guide - fly from Madrid to Veracruz

What can I drink or eat on the plane when I fly from Madrid to Veracruz?

Well, generally everything, but we recommend healthy stuff. You can even buy alcohol on board, no joking! But if you are a polite person and don’t want to piss people off, stay off aromatic stuff like meatloaf sandwich or asparagus. When it comes to drinking, feel free to buy you a soda or water in the passengers area at the airport after you go through security check.

Troublesome kids – how to keep them busy?

We all know the image of an angry or bored child screaming, crying or kicking the seat in front of it. Kicking might be labelles as “the hell no!” but sometimes screaming and crying means that the kid is bored or simply frightened. A smart parent takes toys on board, plays “old times” games with the child (like we used to do in the car, travelling with parents), some read them a book or a comic book. And as the technology kicked in, tablets and smartphones with movies come handy like never before! Be supportive and understanding, if their child behaves naughty, it’s not pleasant for them either. And they are nervous about the other passengers reaction as well.

Let’s talk about alcohol… during flight from Madrid to Veracruz

We don’t say drinking is bad, au contraire! But it’s made by smart people for smart people. Don’t start up a bash on board! Alcohol should be used just to relieve the flying anxiety and to relax you a little. Believe us, if you don’t like crying children on board, you would hate a drunken passenger. Not only a huge pain for other passengers but also a problem for flight attendants. Do not overuse it (generally, not only on the plane)… not to mention that it would cost you a little fortune to get drunk on the plane.

Cosmetics during your flight

The air humidity in a plane is around 20%, while in standard closed room it’s about 50-65%. It’s not a big problem in a short flight but on a long flight or if you fly often, it might become an issue. Your skin might feel dry and you might feel generally more tired than you should. The stewardesses are best source of solution for this, well, they always look flawless. If you suffer from such issues, buy a good moisturizing cream and take some rose-water in aerosol. It not only refreshes your skin but also envelopes you in a gorgeous aroma!