Flights from Nürnberg to Zagreb

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Quick guide - fly from Nürnberg to Zagreb

Food and drink served on the plane on the route Nürnberg - Zagreb

Well, first of all, the era of luxurious plane travels with feasts on board is over. If you have chosen low-cost airline you may purchase drinks and food during your travel, don’t expect anything for free. All in all, it’s why your ticket is so cheap. The traditional carriers provide free food and drinks only on longer flights. It’s not being cheap, it’s common sense – some flights are short and flight attendants are not sky waiters, their main job is to take care of the passengers safety, they have lots to do and check. So on a short flight they would have to serve you food and drinks… maybe around the landing time. And we all know, that it’s not time for that.

Security check when you fly from Nürnberg to Zagreb – how to do it with no stress

First of all – it’s not a horrific experience, the security officers know the drill… and know that most passengers are nervous. Arrive earlier so that you wouldn’t have to wait in a line. Remember to pack your liquids, cosmetics and electronic devices in such a way that you would be able to show them to the security staff easily and not make them wait half an hour as you dig through your stuff. Believe us, they would appreciate it. And a hint: most people are right-handed so the screening device on the left is usually less crowded… Saves time, believe us!

Safety on board during flight Nürnberg - Zagreb

Generally it as simple as obeying what flight attendants say. But if you don’t want to bother them with simple stuff – have your seatbelts fastened during take-off and landing. Don’t walk around, it takes only a couple of minutes so you can wait. Listen carefully to the safety lecture and keep your luggage locked and safely stored in the overhead compartment unless you really need your stuff. If you are a bookworm, take your books out while boarding.

Planes – the most safe mean of transport

So many people are afraid of flying… and this fear is imaginary and not reasonable. Well, most fears are, but that’s not the point! Of course, it’s not natural for a human to be around 10 000 meters above the surface but on the other hand – it’s a miracle of our technology that we can do that! Statistically speaking, planes are the safest mean of transport and that has been proved for many years! The next time you think about “dangerous planes”, think about all the people who ride bicycles without helmets or drivers exceeding the speed limits. Road traffic is a dangerous jungle, opposite to calm, blue skies with us only taking a slight part of this peace with our planes. Safe, quick and heavenly!