Flights from Palermo to Pantelleria

10 aug 17 aug Departure

Quick guide - fly from Palermo to Pantelleria

When to choose direct flights Palermo - Pantelleria?

As much as we love hub flights and recommend them as much as possible, sometimes it’s worth to choose direct flight instead. When? For example when you are flying with your kids and they don’t like airplanes as much as you do. All in all, it’s easier to pack them into a plane once and live through take-off and landing once. The other case is when the flight is quite short and the stopover would last longer than the flight itself. If you are not into seeing the stopover city, don’t waste your time and go for direct flight this time. There would be plenty of chances to hub flight in the future!

What are low-cost airlines? Route Palermo - Pantelleria

These carriers decided to make flights cheaper and more affordable for the common man. Not as exclusive as traditional carriers (although many of the traditional airlines lost their exclusiveness with time and they are similar to cheap airlines… with higher prices) when it comes to seats and food. Or the luggage, because traditional carriers usually have registered luggage included in the ticket price – regardless if you need it or not. On the other hand, low-cost carriers often choose airports that are not as lucrative as the huge ones, what made flying more common and allowed travellers to play the hub flight game.

Why cheap airlines are… cheap?

There are many reasons, it’s quite a wide topic. First of all, the low-cost airlines do not treat their planes like luxurious teleport machines but more like couches that should get you safely from one city to another. Let’s be honest, the 70s’ are over. And usually they aim for passengers travelling with hand luggage only, because the checked luggage is not included in the price and you would have to pay for bigger, registered luggage. Less luggage, less costs. Moreover, low-cost airlines tend to feel the spirit of the times better, they use online check-in, for example. Cost reduction is the goal – that’s why your plane ticket is so cheap!

Which airline to choose – traditional or low-cost when you travel from Palermo to Pantelleria?

Well, it of course depends on your preferences but let’s think about some pros and cons for every choice. If you know that you would need a heavy bag, you should check if buying the additional registered luggage would not exceed the cost of the traditional carrier ticket. If you need hand luggage only, the low-cost airline might be the best choice. This is the most basic rule to follow while choosing the airline. Think about comfort too. If your flight is going to be a short one, you don’t need as much luxury as you might think. All in all, you can live through 3 hours of tightly packed seats. If you know that your flight is going to last, like for 10 hours, then yeah – traditional carrier might be a good choice. But… have you considered hub flights?