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Quick guide - fly to Cyprus

Cheap flights to Cyprus


Cyprus is a country located on the Island named the same way on the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea . The closest countries to Cyprus are Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. Cyprus is located only about 70 kilometers from the Turkish coast. In ancient times Greeks were living on Cyprus and in later years it was under the rule of crusaders, and then after 70 years it was again taken by Turks. As the years were passing Cyprus was under rules of many countries including the following: United Kingdom, France, and Greece. The vigorous history of the Cyprus left the place with many things that in nowadays are considered by many as the architecture treasures. After purchasing a flight ticket and visiting Cyprus a must-see is the Bellapais Abbey that was founded by Cyprus’ kinds Hugo III and Hugo IV. The Abbey is located in the northern part of the Cyprus in Bellapais village. The monastery was built in XIII century.

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia and it is the biggest city on the island. It is the most visited city by people who purchased flight tickets to Cyprus. While visiting the Nicosia we recommend visiting numerous of churches, ruins, and mosques. One of them is the oriental cloth hall – Buyuk Han that is dating back to the Ottoman times and was used as an accommodation for visitors from different regions of the Cyprus. At the moment, it is a place full of stores and crafting departments. The entry to the Buyuk Han cloth hall is free. Things that are also worth visiting are the historical Nicosia gates, which city of Nicosia initially had three and they were the following:

  • Famagusta Gate,
  • Paphos Gate,
  • and Kyrenia Gate.

The first one is a place of many happenings like exhibitions and concerts. It can be visited for free from Monday to Friday from 9-13 and from 16 to 19. When visiting the Paphos Gate you should definitely stop by the Holy Cross Catholic Church. The place is full of unique, wooden statues. The entrance is free. The old town from the south is surrounded by Venetian walls. The oldest building in gothic style on the island is the Selimiye mosque. You may try to visit it during the prayers, however, you need to remember about proper clothing, taking off your shoes and staying quiet. Not far from the Selimiye mosque there is a Sultan Mahmut II Library. It was built by Ali Rouhi in 1829 and because of its fancy interior, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful libraries of all time in the world. Nicosia has many interesting museums that are attracting tourists from different parts of the world that purchased flight tickets to Cyprus and they are:

  • Cyprus Museum,
  • Cyprus Museum of Natural History,
  • and Cyprus Police Museum,

so if you already made a reservation of a flight ticket to Cyprus you definitely should dedicate some time of your trip on visiting them.


Cheap flight to Cyprus – airports

When planning to visit Cyprus you should find out more about the airports. The biggest airport on Cyprus is the Larnaca International Airport . It is located about 6 miles (approx. 10 kilometers) from the city of Larnaca. It is a hub for Aegean Airlines . Larnaca Airport is well connected with surrounding regions by many means of ground transportation. The next airport on the list the Ercan International Airport, that is located about 11 miles (approx. 18 kilometers) from the city of Nicosia. However, because it is located in the Turkish part of the island it is only served by Turkish Airlines. The third airport on the Cyprus when it comes to the size and number of passengers is the Paphos International Airport which is second when it comes to the airport and number of passengers.

    Cheap flight to Cyprus – beaches

    Cyprus is an island, which means that beaches are everywhere you go. Their beauty is encouraging tourists from all over the world to purchase flight tickets to Cyprus. Crystal clear, warm water and sandy beaches warmed by the sun of Cyprus are something you definitely want to experience during your holidays. If you purchased a flight ticket to Cyprus and you are planning to spend a lot of the time on the beach remember about wearing sunscreen all the time and about drinking a lot of bottled water during the day. Cyprus is a very hot part of the world therefore, these things are a must if you want to stay healthy on your trip. For enthusiasts of water sports there are numerous of equipment rentals everywhere you go. The prices are attractive and the experience is incredible.

    Cheap flights to Cyprus- cuisine

    Cyprus is divided into two parts: one is Turkish and one is Greek, which means that the food you will have a chance to try during your trip to Cyprus will depend on the place that you are visiting. Both, Turkish and Greek cuisine are delicious. If you do not prefer trying new things, you will easily find many places where you can dine, places that are serving typical meals that are available everywhere in the world.

    Cheap flights to Cyprus – accommodation

    With numerous of hotels, hostels, resorts and other vacation rental by the seaside you will surely find something you can afford and something that will meet all your requirement related to having perfect holidays. Most of the people are visiting Cyprus during summer, which means that finding an available hotel is not that easy as it is during different seasons of the year. Keep that in mind while making reservation on your airfare ticket to Cyprus.

After booking a flight and before going to Cyprus make sure you get familiar with information listed below:

    - Cyprus uses an Euro as their currency. Exchanging money before your trip is something what you want to do after purchasing an airline ticket.

    - The main and official languages on Cyprus are Turkish and Greek. You may communicate in Turkish as well as Greek, however if you don’t know them it probably will not be a problem to find someone who will speak English and who will be willing to help you to communicate with others.

    - If you are planning to take on your trip electronic devices that may need charging make sure to buy power plug adapter because wall sockets you will find on Cyprus may different from the one you have in your country.

    - The emergency numbers on Cyprus: Ambulance- 199, Police – 199 and Fire Department -199. You may also simply call the European emergency number: 112 – which works in most of the European countries and will redirect your call to required department.

    - If you are planning to rent a car on Cyprus remember about the left-hand traffic.

    - If you are visiting Cyprus together with your child/ren, many hotels on Cyprus are offering pushchair rentals for your toddler, or, at least, will help you someone who is offering such services.

    - Before leaving to Cyprus make sure you known the number to your country’s embassy, and if you are not good at remembering numbers write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet.

    Now, as you know a lot about Cyprus, you are ready to make a flight ticket reservation on and visit Cyprus. We are sure that after reading this article you are full of ideas of what to do on Cyprus and full of useful information that might be priceless during your trip. Purchase a discounted flight ticket to Cyprus, get your swimsuit ready and have a nice journey!

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