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Quick guide - fly to Paris

Cheap flights to Paris – overview of the city


Paris is a capital of France upon the Seine River considered to be the most romantic and inspirational city in the world. It is visited by over 30 million people every year and thanks to possibility of buying cheap flight tickets to Paris is a very common honeymoon destination for couples from all over the world. According to some sources the Eiffel Tower is seeing over 2000 proposals every week! It is estimated that the busiest month in Paris is August. This is when the most people visit the city, which also means the longest lines for the most popular and iconic for Paris attractions like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre or the Notre Dame de Paris. If you want to skip the biggest crowds consider booking your flight ticket for month different than August.

Cheap flight to Paris – airports

The city of Paris has three airports. The first one is the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport also known as the Roissy Airport located 16 miles (about 25 kilometers) from Paris. It is a hub for Air France and Delta Air Lines both offering low-price flight tickets. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airports is the biggest international airport in France. The second one is the Paris Orly Airport. It is located 8 miles (approx. 13 kilometers) from Paris. It is a hub for Aigle Azur, Air France and Transavia France. The third and located 53 miles (approx. 85 kilometers) from Paris is the Beauvais-Tille Airport mostly used by low-cost airlines. All three airports have a great connection with the city of Paris by many means of ground transportation.

Cheap flights to Paris – tourist attractions

After purchasing your flight tickets to Paris, you may want to create a list of things to do in Paris. Besides visiting the most iconic Paris’ landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and watching the city from over 300 meters above ground and walking down the Champs-Elysees you may want to visit one of the most popular museums in the world – the Louvre where among many world-known masterpieces you may see the actual Leonardo da Vinci painting – Mona Lisa. The museum is located underground and under the famous Louvre Pyramid that you surely know from many movies and photographs of Paris. If you are visiting Paris for the first time the information that you may be interested in is that the view of Paris is the most beautiful not from the Eiffel Tower but from the rooftop of the Centre Pompidou . Next thing on your Paris’ map should be the Notre-Dame de Paris commonly known as the Notre-Dame Cathedral from the year of 1163 and the Jardin du Luxembourg also known as the Luxembourg Gardens including the Luxembourg Palace and beautiful surroundings.

For those visiting the Paris together with kids, highly recommends visiting the most popular amusement part – the Disneyland Paris . It is located 26 miles (approx. 43 kilometers) from Paris. 19 square kilometers of all kinds of attractions and entertainments for kids. Although it is not as big as the U.S. Walt Disney World it is surely worth visiting!

Cheap flight to Paris – nightlife and food

There are many pubs, bars and nightclubs in Paris where you can hangout and party, however, we would like to suggest you some different forms of after-dark activity. One of them is definitely the Moulin Rouge. World-famous cabaret, a piece of history and amazing shows.

French cuisine

French cuisine is far from what we think about food in France. It is not only snails and frog legs. If you booked your flight tickets to Paris and you are visiting Paris soon remember about trying on original croissants , delicious French cheeses and amazing chocolate soufflés or real baguette from Paris. These and many more were originally made in France. And don’t forget about the French wines that are known all over the world. The legal drinking age in France is 18 years old. If you are visiting Paris for the first time keep in mind the fact that food establishments in Paris are most expensive nearby famous tourists attractions. If you don’t want to spend you daily salary on a salad choose restaurant in not that popular location.

Cheap flight to Paris – shopping

Fashion since decades is associated with the city of Paris. They have the Paris Fashion Week and there are countless of clothing and footwear stores all over the city. People from across the globe are making reservations for discount flights tickets to Paris to go shopping or, at least, go window shopping down the most famous shopping streets in the world. One of them is the Montaigne Avenue with numerous of luxury stores or the Champs Elysees visited by hundreds of fashion-lovers every day. For those who not want to ruin their budget in most luxury Paris’ stores, we recommend visiting Shopping malls like the Forum des Halles or the Les Quatre-Temps.

Cheap flights to Paris – transport around the city

Although bikes in Paris are very popular and there are many companies offering bike rental services like the Velib’ with over 20.000 bikes and numerous of pick-up and drop-off stations around the city we also suggesting to get familiar with other forms of ground transportation around the city because not always the weather is bike-friendly. In rainy or cold days you are more than welcome to use trams, buses or subway. Besides your flight ticket to Paris, you may want to consider buying a Paris Visite Pass that will let you travel by bus, metro and tramway as much as you need for a certain amount of time – depending on what options you choose.

Cheap flight to Paris – accommodation

Founding a deal on flight ticket and deal on hotels is always the most important thing when planning your trip. Paris is offering plenty of hotels where you can stay depending on your preferences such as the amount of money you want to spend, things included in the price of the hotels like breakfast or pool or location. From castle-like interiors to very modern design – you will surely find something that will meet your expectations.

Cheapest flights to Paris– important information

After booking a flight and before going to Paris make sure you get familiar with information listed below:

  • Paris is a city and France and the currency used in France is euro.
  • In case when Paris is just your transit point and you plan on visiting a different city that does not have an airport there are many long distance buses and trains to cities surrounding Paris.
  • Prepaid phone cards and SIM cards are available in most of the retail stores in Paris when you want to call home.
  • If you are planning to take on your trip electronic devices that may need charging make sure to buy power plug adapter because the French wall sockets may different from the one you have in your country.
  • Before your trip to Paris, you might want to know all emergency numbers that you may need in France. 15 – medical emergency, 17 – police, and 18 – fire department or in case of emergency you may simply call the 112 which is the European emergency number and will redirect your call to the required department.
  • Tip for those who plan to dine in restaurants. Don’t be shocked if after the meal waitress won’t bring you your check. It is a common thing in most places in Paris that you need to ask for the check.
  • The language spoken in France is French so make sure to know at least few important words in French before coming to Paris.


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