Flyhacks' Privacy Policy

Rules of data collection and protection at Flyhacks Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter: or Flyhacks) tries to protect users’ rights to privacy as much as possible. We aim to offer you, a site user, safe online experience not to adversely affect your personal life. To this end, we process the personal data you have provided only for the purpose, for which you have done so.

Personal data we process

When you register on website, create an account, sign in, make a booking or buy various services and products, Flyhacks will process the following personal data:

A.Personal data named by you

When you order or purchase on our website or via other contact methods (phone, email, chat, face to face at our premises, through Facebook or any other social media), we will need you to provide your personal data, such as your name and surname, date of birth, sex, address, phone number, e-mail address, identity document, credit card details and nationality.

If you make a decision to purchase a flight ticket through us, we will also hold the following information: flight ticket number, reservation number, ticket price, flight number, date and place of departure and return.

If your services include hotels, package travel, rent a car, transfers or any other travel-related services, we will hold in addition the following information: reservation number, voucher number, booking price, hotel name, hotel stars, travel purpose, destination and any other hotel-related directly information.

In order to let you create an account on our website, we need you to provide your personal data, including your name and surname, sex, phone number and e-mail address. The user account lets you add any information about your travel preferences and about yourself: an avatar or a photo, details of passengers you usually travel with, preferences regarding seats in the aircraft, preferred billing details. The user account also gives you access to any discount and promotion offered to you. We also store your search history and booking history.

When you subscribe to our Newsletter or to our Fare Alerts service, we will need you to provide your e-mail address.

When you write to us through our contact forms on the websites, we ask you to provide your name and surname, email address, phone number.

B.Personal data we collect automatically

When you visit the website, we automatically collect various information about you, including your IP address, cookies information, time and date you accessed our website, your visits on our website subpages, details of the internet browser you use and information about your computer operating system, including language settings and approximate location from where you have accessed our website.

C.Personal data you give us about others

When you purchase any service through our website or via any other sale channel, you can do so to travel with other guests, whose data you provide in the booking process, or you can purchase a service for someone else. In these cases, it is your responsibility to make sure that someone, whose personal data you provide to us, is aware that you have done so, understands and accepts how we use his or her data.

Collection and use of personal data by uses stored personal data first of all to provide ordered services and also to improve our services and to inform you about our recent new products and services you can be interested in.

We may use your personal data for the following purposes only:

A.Providing our services

First of all, we use your personal data, in order to provide services ordered by you.


We use your personal data in order to contact you in connection with service you have purchased. We can contact you by email, by mail, by phone or by text messages. The contact method depends on the method you have contacted us recently. Potential reasons of contacting you include:

  • managing travel services you have purchased;
  • confirming your details travel;
  • responding to any questions you have made;
  • suggesting travel-related advantages;

C.Customer service (Reservations Centre)

You can contact our Reservations Centre in business hours shown on the website.

Information regarding the services you have purchased is used in order to find the best solutions for your needs and to respond to any questions about the services you have purchased.

D.Creating your account on our website

You have to be at least 16-years-old in order create a user account on our website.

Having an account, you can purchase our services through our website, manage your purchased services, and receive special offers.

E.Legal purposes

We may use your personal data for compliance with our legal obligations, including but not limited to tax obligations, and with those resulting from rules of cooperation with other companies.

Legal grounds for processing your personal data

Given that you are entitled to know the purpose of processing your personal data, we will inform you about other purposes of processing, other than these, for which you have provided your personal data to us.

Contract performance

Based on a made contract or the Regulations accepted by you, you have become a customer of Therefore, we will process your personal data to provide our services, according to the contract.

Legitimate interest

We may use stored data in our legitimate interest, to provide you the tailored offer of our services through our website, as well as to fulfil our legal obligations.


On the grounds of your freely given consent, we may send you the personalized Newsletter as well as notification about discounts and promotions within the Fare Alerts service

Each email sent to you has a hyperlink to let you unsubscribe our Newsletter or other marketing content. In order to unsubscribe, you can also send us an email at

Legal obligation

Processing certain personal data may be caused by the need to carry out legal obligations binding upon Flyhacks according to Polish law.

Sharing and disclosure of personal information

Flyhacks shall not sell your personal data to any third party. However, Flyhacks may transmit your personal data to third parties to achieve the purpose, for which they have been provided. They may be given to the following recipients:


Business partners

We cooperate with business partners providing services complementary to these you can buy from Here we have in mind entities such as hotels, insurance companies, payment providers and suppliers of other travel-related services.

We disclose to our business partners only personal data needed to provide their services.

Public authorities

Upon a documented request of public authorities, we may disclose personal data to them, in particular in connection with pending civil or criminal proceeding.

Data processors

In order to support our ongoing processes, we cooperate with IT suppliers, which – referring to their services for us – can obtain access to personal data. These companies – under contracts concluded with us – have no right to use your personal data for any purpose.

Other cases

We may ask you in exceptional cases for your consent to transfer your data to a third party. Only if you give your consent, your data are transferred to that third party.

Storage duration

We have implemented technical and organisational measures to organise the process and to determine the criteria of irretrievable destruction of documents with personal data and of personal data erasure from our databases. Your personal data will be deleted or erased after lapse of the time-limit needed to fulfil our legal obligation and to pursue claims, if any. That time-limit will be calculated starting at the moment of withdrawal of your consent for processing, of lodging your objection or of performance of the service you ordered.

Personal data security

We have implemented appropriate IT solutions, to secure us from risks connected with unauthorized access to data or other risks concerning integrity or confidentiality of data being processed by us. Moreover, we have implemented internal procedures of reporting any found breach and managing such breach-related situation.

If we find any personal data breach, we are obliged to notify the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection and you, if this leads to a high risk of violation of your rights and freedoms.

Your rights

You have the following rights connected with processing your personal data:

  1. The right to access your personal data.
  2. The right to have your personal data rectified.
  3. The right to restrict processing your personal data.
  4. The right to have your data erased.
  5. The right to have your data transferred.
  6. The right to withdraw your consent for processing your data and to lodge an objection against further processing your data.

Should you have any questions, doubts or wish to make any request to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at

In each case, we have to verify your request and in reasonable time – not exceeding one month – notify you about the actions we have taken.

Should you consider that we have failed to process your personal data in accordance with your intention, you may lodge an objection to the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection (ul. Stawki 2, Warszawa/Warsaw).

About us Sp. z o.o., with registered office in Warsaw, ul. Wolność 7D, is an entity responsible for processing your personal data.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Each reviewed version of the Privacy Policy will be published on website.

Thank you for trusting us with your personal data and finding time to read our Privacy Policy, which is applicable as of 25 May 2018.